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BTR Facts

1st Daily BTR Fact
BTRfact : Kendall's first kiss was with his best friend's sister's friend! She kissed him while he was in a pool.

BTRfact : Carlos says all of the boys are daredevils, they do crazy stuff!

BTRfact : James says the boys go to dinners together, they're always eating on set and off.

BTRfact : Logan says that the boys really know each others' sense of humor now. Sometimes the other guys will make him laugh until he cries!

BTRfact : Sometimes BTR will show up to film the show & it'll be night time, but when they leave it's night time. They never see the sun!

BTRfact : Carlos says that when filming the TV show, it's literally a box for 16 hours a day and it's dark

BTRfact : The boys make it a contest to see who can get a girl's number first-but the girls like it because they have guys fighting for them!

BTRfact : The Boys fight like brother pretty mush every day over something small and stupid-like who gets to rude shotgun in the van.

2nd Daily BTR Facts
BTRfact : James' favorite Christmas song is the one that goes, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose."

BTRfact : Logan used to go around Christmas caroling whenever he was young, like with his school & stuff. He says it was always really cool.

BTRfact : After a breakup, Logan always writes music or-he thinks it's weird but he goes driving. He likes just driving & having alone time.

BTRfact : Kendall thinks that trying to be friends after a breakup is tricky.

BTRfact : Carlos loves a girl who can just hang out & watch movies with him & not have to be awkward-being friends first is really important.

BTRfact : James says that the best way to get a guy's attention is to just be normal! They were playing a show at the fair in Ohio and there was this little helicopter that you could pay $35 to take a ride in. Kendall and James decided to go and they had room for one more person. There were a bunch of fans coming over so they figured they'd take a fan. When they were looking back at everyone screaming and holding up signs they saw this one calm girl and both of them just looked at each other and were like "Yeah, let's bring here on." James really thinks that means something in relationships and life, too. When you're comfortable with yourself and if you're confident that's a huge thing, if you have confidence versus being so eager and overzealous. He thinks that stands out.

BTRfact : James thinks it would be nice to see his character become a little bit more serious and maybe finding a girl that he actually likes. He also says that him and his girlfriend should have a recurring story line, versus one based on a guest star.


3rd daily BTR Facts

BTRfact : Kendall would also like to see his character have a lot of funny stuff; he says his character has always been kind of the straight guy so it'd be cool to have a couple goofy story lines in the third season.

BTRfact : Kendall thinks it would be really interesting if Jo came back for season 3, although he says "let's just hope my character doesn't have a girlfriend; that would be drama!"

BTRfact : For season 3 of BTR, Logan thinks it would be cool for his character to learn a little bit more and take more risks and chances.

BTRfact : Logan says that Justin Bieber had good advice for them, he said to just keep going with it because they are going there.

BTRfact : For season 3 of BTR, Carlos says he wants a girlfriend! The creators asked him what he wanted in a story line, they were like "What do you guys want?" and Carlos was like, "Can I get a girlfriend?" They said, "Okay anyways...Logan what do you want?" and ignored him!

BTRfact : Kendall says that once you are in front of of the audience and they respond it takes over from there and you do whatever you can to keep them happy and entertained. He thinks it's "trippy to see that many people jumping up and down."

BTRfact : Kendall also says it was pure exhilaration and he wasn't nervous, he just wanted to do it. The last 10 minutes before the show he was like "let's just go, let's just go, let's just go, I want to go do it."

BTRfact : Kendall says running out in front of 65,000 people was an eye opening experience-to say the least.

BTRfact : Carlos also says that the Mexico concert was a lot of fun and terrifying, but it was great. The Mexican fans were incredible.

BTRfact : Carlos says that BTR's performance in front of 65,000 people in Mexico was "honestly the most incredible thing [he] has ever done." 

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