Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

3rd daily BTR Facts

BTRfact : Kendall would also like to see his character have a lot of funny stuff; he says his character has always been kind of the straight guy so it'd be cool to have a couple goofy story lines in the third season.

BTRfact : Kendall thinks it would be really interesting if Jo came back for season 3, although he says "let's just hope my character doesn't have a girlfriend; that would be drama!"

BTRfact : For season 3 of BTR, Logan thinks it would be cool for his character to learn a little bit more and take more risks and chances.

BTRfact : Logan says that Justin Bieber had good advice for them, he said to just keep going with it because they are going there.

BTRfact : For season 3 of BTR, Carlos says he wants a girlfriend! The creators asked him what he wanted in a story line, they were like "What do you guys want?" and Carlos was like, "Can I get a girlfriend?" They said, "Okay anyways...Logan what do you want?" and ignored him!

BTRfact : Kendall says that once you are in front of of the audience and they respond it takes over from there and you do whatever you can to keep them happy and entertained. He thinks it's "trippy to see that many people jumping up and down."

BTRfact : Kendall also says it was pure exhilaration and he wasn't nervous, he just wanted to do it. The last 10 minutes before the show he was like "let's just go, let's just go, let's just go, I want to go do it."

BTRfact : Kendall says running out in front of 65,000 people was an eye opening experience-to say the least.

BTRfact : Carlos also says that the Mexico concert was a lot of fun and terrifying, but it was great. The Mexican fans were incredible.

BTRfact : Carlos says that BTR's performance in front of 65,000 people in Mexico was "honestly the most incredible thing [he] has ever done."

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