Rabu, 30 November 2011

1st Daily BTR Fact

BTRfact : Kendall's first kiss was with his best friend's sister's friend! She kissed him while he was in a pool.

BTRfact : Carlos says all of the boys are daredevils, they do crazy stuff!

BTRfact : James says the boys go to dinners together, they're always eating on set and off.

BTRfact : Logan says that the boys really know each others' sense of humor now. Sometimes the other guys will make him laugh until he cries!

BTRfact : Sometimes BTR will show up to film the show & it'll be night time, but when they leave it's night time. They never see the sun!

BTRfact : Carlos says that when filming the TV show, it's literally a box for 16 hours a day and it's dark

BTRfact : The boys make it a contest to see who can get a girl's number first-but the girls like it because they have guys fighting for them!

BTRfact : The Boys fight like brother pretty mush every day over something small and stupid-like who gets to rude shotgun in the van.

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