Rabu, 30 November 2011

Big Time Rush is Headed to Boot Camp?!

Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Carlos Pena, and James Maslow are well trained soldiers when it comes to putting on show stopping performances. But then why are the boys headed to boot camp? Check out what Carlos spilled when we chatted with him about their upcoming tour around the new album, ‘Elevate’.

When we asked Carlos what he was excited for most about the album, he said, “I’m most excited to add a lot of production to our song. And we’re gonna come back from Christmas all refreshed and go into like a month of like a tour boot camp, and just get it all tight. And we’re gonna go out on the road. So, it’s gonna be awesome.”

But what will the boys be doing at this demanding tour boot camp? Carlos explained, “It’s basically just gonna be a lot of getting vocals down, meeting with some new choreographers and getting some awesome dance moves. And basically, coming up with ideas and stuff to make the show better.”

Well, while the boys are practicing their “left, left, left, right, left, rights” we’ll be gearing up for another round of rockin’ tour dates. To all our fellow rushers out there, well, you know the drill.

Source: Nick.com

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